At Bayside IT Consulting we believe in Value. Our Service is our main product, so we strive to provide our clients with a Professional product that will not put a huge strain on their budget. NO TRIP CHARGES, no hidden fees, no surprises! We provide Estimates and Itemized Invoices for all work performed, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. In addition, we offer a FREE initial IT Assessment to all clients. This Assessment gives us a chance to understand your IT needs and to know your IT Environment.  Call Today to setup your FREE Assessment!

IT Service Rates

We understand that every client we come in contact with is going to have different needs and that it is our Professional Responsibility to ensure that each client receives the best IT service possible at a fair cost.  Thus, we base our service rate off of a range of $90 - $110 per hour and use the job factors to determine the appropriate job rate.  Below are two examples of our pricing:

Deployment of a Client Server Environment in a 10 user office

·  Hourly rate:  $110 per

·  Task Summary:  Deploy a Dell PowerEdge Win2k3 SBS Server, SonicWALL firewall, Setup a Server Based Antivirus solution, Setup an internal Exchange Server and configure supporting AD users, groups and scripting.

Data and Voice Cabling/Termination for a new 40 user office

·  Hourly rate:  $90

·  Task Summary:  Run Cat 5e/6 for all locations, terminate and label all cables/jacks and test all cable runs

·  Includes all basic cabling supplies (i.e. Cable, jacks, plates, connectors, ties, etc.)

·  Does not include special termination equipment (i.e. Patch panels, switches, racks, etc.)


**Detailed Network Documentation and Job logs are created for every job, NO SURPRISES!


Monthly Support Agreement Rates

4-hr Blocks of Monthly IT Support

·  $75 per hour (i.e. 4hr Agreement is $300 per month)

·  This is over 30% off our normal Service Rate

Custom Monthly IT Support

·  We understand that no two Businesses are alike. Thus we will setup a Custom Monthly IT Support Agreement if your IT needs do not fall into our 4-hr block scheme. Call us Today to create your Custom Monthly IT Support agreement.









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